Round 2


The Palsy and Restless Dead spells all expire at the start of the turn.

Undead 1st March

The reserves generate 5 magic and cast an Open Grave on their horde army facing the Scalders.

Undead 2nd March

They try to manoeuvre and the Scalders do not resist. the terrain goes to its 3rd face.

They attempt to cast magic.

A dramatic fail.

The reserve army move in to the frontier to stop the Swamp Stalkers in their tracks.


The Ash Storm on the frontier expires as the turn begins.

Scalders 1st March

The Scalders home army cast magic and produce 4 results.

They Flash Flood the Frontier. Only the Swamp Stalkers try to resist.

They only produce 3 out of the 6 required manoeuvre results.

The frontier is now back down to its 6th face.

Scalders 2nd March

The horde army, however, moves unopposed at the undead home terrain.

Having no missiles in the army, no action is taken.

As this tutorial is designed to be ‘beginner level’, the last line was my quick get out for a much longer tactical explanation. I have now been asked by a friend on FaceBook, so I will try to answer the question “What don’t you attack as you have IDs that count as missiles?” as follows.

Having been hit by numerous Counters, Cantrips, Coastal Dodges, Volleys and others as a result of attacking when it is not necessary, I am always very thoughtful as to if attacking will be of any advantage to me. In this instance, even if I could generate missile hits and the opposing army failed to generate enough saves, we have to look at who these opposing armies are.

The Scalder army at the Undead home can only fire at the same terrain, with no opposition or at the frontier where there are two large armies with plenty of saves and whose race includes the element Death.

This last part is the important part, by killing off small insignificant quantities of these units, you simultaneously ‘add units to their DUA’ which gives the powers. In this case, it includes the horrendous ‘mutate‘ ability of the Swamp Stalkers, which would make it difficult for Scalders to use the reserves to move units.

When playing death races, I try to outmanoeuvre or bury them. Trying to kill them adds to their power.

The Scalders reserve army goes back home to give more magic support.

Swamp Stalkers

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

The Stalkers home army are within missile range of the frontier, so they forego their manoeuvre and introduce a coastland knoll, which also gives them missile capability.

They take aim at the undead campaign army.

They generate a pitiful 3 missile results.

7 saves is more than ample.

Swamp Stalkers 2nd March

Knowing that undead are not known for speed, they attempt to manoeuvre at the frontier.

Swamp Stalkers however are known for being even slower than a bunch of monoped zombies. They lose 2 – 4

They look at the size of the opposing scythes and decide to await magic backup.

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