Round 1


Undead 1st March

The undead home army try to manoeuvre, opposed by the Scalders.

Scalders win 6 – 3.

The Undead try to cast magic.

They generate 5.

A Restless Dead and a Palsy spell are cast.

Undead 2nd March

The horde army try to manoeuvre.

The generate 8, including 3 from the spell, against 2 from the Scalders.

The terrain moves up to face 2 and the undead try to generate more magic.

As there are no casualties in the undead DUA, the Bone Magic ability is not of any use. This means that they generate only 9 points of magic, and not 11.

A death dragon is called to the frontier and the Swamp Stalkers are hit with another Palsy.

Both home and campaign armies pull back to the reserves.


Scalders 1st March

The home army try to manoeuvre and fail 2 -7.

The attempt to generate magic, despite the Palsy.

They generate 3 results.

An Ash Storm is added to the Palsy and Dragon problem at the Frontier.

Scalders 2nd March

They manoeuvre the undead home to its 3rd face and attempt to cast magic.

They generate only 1 result. Not enough to do anything.

The other horde army pull to reserves.

Swamp Stalkers

Dragon attack

The Drake flaps his wings and decides to go home, doing 5 damage before he leaves.

As the feyland contains the water element, the Swamp Stalkers use their Born of the Swamp racial ability, meaning that manoeuvres count as saves. They generate 3 saves plus 3 manoeuvres = 6 saves, 6 (minus 2 for the Palsy and Ash Storm) = 4 melee results.

They take no hits and the dragon flies away.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

The Swamp Stalkers home army march forward as the terrain moves up to face 4.

Swamp Stalkers 2nd March

The campaign army also march forward unopposed. The terrain is on face 7.

The solitary Striker now pulls out to the reserves.

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