Round 4


The Blues appear to have done enough to be safe to try to claim the Areosan home terrain. They now need to start making plans to take the second terrain. With the dragonkin prisoners to the terrain to which they were summoned, and the Coral Elves largely functioning to take advantage of the tower, the Firewalkers and Eldarim need to be the units on the move.

At the start of the round, all spells expire.

The Eldarim power of Dragonkin Handlers is used for possibly the last time to promote an Air Dragonmount to a Fire Dragonscout.

Blues 1st March

The Blues decide to try to manoeuvre. This means rolling the minor terrain.

The get a very bad result at the most appropriate time. The flood will half the Blues’ manoeuvre results at that terrain until the next round. This will also affect the Coral Elves’ Coastal Dodge ability, where manoeuvres are counted as saves.

The terrain still moves to its 7th face, offering the Blues no options to attack or cast magic.

With no 2nd March available, the army now has to stay where it is or split up into 2 sections.

The Air Flight ability of the Firewalkers would be very useful here, but they have no way of using it at the frontier, and the home terrain currently has a Dragon on patrol.


The Blues reserve are expected to generate about 9 points of magic, which they will probably use to add 2 Wind Walks, meaning an expected manoeuvre result of 14 for the horde army. If the Areosa are intending to try to rob the terrain from them at the last minute, then they really need to produce an army that can generate more than 14 manoeuvre results unaided by magic. They will need to try to resurrect units and then construct the fastest army possible from the units that they have.

Areosa 1st March

The reserve army try to resurrect as many marching units as possible.

11 results are generated, which means that 2 have to be wasted, as only 9 of them generate resurrection spells.

A Magus and a Destroyer return to the fold.

Even using the complete army, the Areosa look like they would lose the manoeuvre battle at their home terrain, especially at there is a good chance that the Firewalkers could generate 12 magic results and hence cast 3 Wind Walk spells. They therefore need to look at going to the Frontier and attacking with missiles, or going to the Blues home terrain and taking on the dragon. Whichever they choose, there is a good chance that they will encounter Firewalkers.

The best option would appear to be to send all magic units to the frontier, and the rest to the Blues home terrain, attacking as many Coral Elves as possible so that the items can’t be carried and the dragonkin are sent back to the summoning pool.

The Areosa form two armies knowing that only one of them can be attacked from the tower each turn.