Round 2

The home army moves closer as the wasteland turns to face 7.

The campaign army also moves closer.

The Ashbringer and Sentinel exchange places using Air Flight.

The Frostwing reserves generate 4 points of magic.

And an Advocate is brought back to life.

The Frostwing home army fires 6 missile hits at the frontier.

Only 1 save is generated by the Firewalkers.

5 health of units are eliminated.

The reserve go to reinforce.

Round 3

The firewalkers claim their home terrain, the temple, and conjure up 9 points of magic.

As there are Frostwings at the frontier, they have a chance to use their Magic Negation. They produce 2 points, which also happens to be same as the number of units that they have in the DUA. This reduces the magic results to 7.

This allows them to bring in a reinforcement Firestarter and cast a Wind Walk on the frontier.

The Firewalkers only manage 1 manoeuvre against the 5 produced by the nimble Frostwings. However, the Wind Walk adds 4 manoeuvres to make it 5 against 5. The advantage going, as always, to the marching army. In this case, the Firewalkers.

The firewalkers march into the city and, having taken control of the wasteland temple, they win the battle.

Although this was a very quick tussle, much quicker than I had hoped, we managed to encounter one racial ability of each of the combatants. These are Magic Negation for the Frostwings, and Air Flight for the Firewalkers.