Round 1

The Firewalkers attempt to manoeuvre at their home terrain.

There are 3 manoeuvre results from both sides, but the marching army wins a tie.

At the melee that ensues, the Firewalkers do 8 melee damage, as the Frostwings produce 5 saves. This gives 3 damage for them to take.

3 advocates are out already.

With numbers against them, there is no counter attack from the remaining 3 units.

However, the attempted manoeuvre at the frontier fails by 2 results to 5.

No attack from the firewalkers for fear of the counter attack from the Frostwings.

Using Air Flight, the horde army move to the frontier.

The Frostwings at their home terrain move away to get in a missile attack on the campaign army. They produce 5 damage.

7 saves are produced, so no damage.

The attempt to manoeuvre fails by 3 points to 5.

All units, except those in the home army, go to reserves.