This is part 6 of an advanced tutorial battle. It is recommended that the other 5 parts are read first, starting here:-

Frostwings v ‘Blues’ Part 1


The current statistics for the armies, not taking into account the Coral Elf Coastal Dodge, are given here.

Before discussing tactics, the Areosa have a meeting to attend with a Dragon.

The tail causes 3 hits and another strike.

The claw means another 6 hits, giving a total of 9 to defend.

A good save from the Areosa. They get the required 9 saves, but only manage 7 missile results with which to hit the dragon. Neither takes damage this time around.

Areosa 1st March

The Areosa campaign army are good with both magic and missile attack. The Blues campaign are only good for magic, but are better at manoeuvre. The tactic here is to try to take the terrain into missile range and then weaken the Firewalkers and get rid of the Blues’ magic support. If this fails, magic will be used against Coral Elves.

The Areosa manoeuvre attempt goes even more badly than expected, losing by 3 results to 10. They must revert to magic.

Their roll for magic turns out as good as their manoeuvre roll was bad. They produce a very useful 11 results.

They cast a Soiled Ground and a Magic Drain on the terrain and a Palsy on the blues Campaigners.

Areosa 2nd March

Having held off the Dragon temporarily, they must turn their attentions to the softened-up Campaign army. They turn the terrain to its 5th face and let go with missile fire.

A Devastator, at last, hits with a bullseye, attacking an Ashbringer and a Sunburst.

Both fail to save, and with the Soiled Ground at the terrain, they must try to save again, or be buried.

The Ashbringer saves and goes to the DUA. The Sunburst is out of luck and is buried.

The Devastator adds another 3 results with the second roll from the Bullseye, leaving the Blues to defend against a total of 11 hits.

The Blues produce 12 saves and lose 1 to the Palsy, leaving 11 and matching the hit count from the missiles. No damage is taken.

The Areosa Campaign army have put down a magic drain, a palsy and dispatched 4 health of magic units. This has badly restricted the magic capability of the Blues. If they go to reserves, this means that they can avoid the double ID results from the Blues army at the tower.

The Areosa Campaign army withdraw to the (relative) safety of the reserves.