This is Part 3 of an Advanced Level Dragon Dice battle. It is recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing.

Round 4


The Frostwings need to try to advance with their home army and try to trim down the large Treefolk campaign army.

Frostwings 1st March

The campaign army attempt to manoeuvre.

The initial roll gives 14 against 14, but the Treefolk have Rapid Growth.

So these get a second attempt, except for the counter.

The final result is therefore 16 – 14 to the Treefolk and the terrain stays at face 4.

The army therefore tries to generate magic.

They manage 6 results.

Their Lightning Strike on the Eldar Dryad is successful.

The attempt at replanting also fails.

The first significant advantage goes to the Frostwings.

Frostwing 2nd March

The home army move forward.

The deadland gives double saves for ID rolls as the terrain reaches face 6.

No further action is available to the home army, as there is nothing to engage with in melee.

Both armies stay in place for another round.