Areosa Missile & Cavalry

The Areosa missile force still stands a good chance of damaging the mighty Blues defence, especially as there is a good chance of landing at least one Bullseye. Magic Support here will be vital to redress the balance.

Areosa 1st March

The Campaign Army try to generate some magic.

Thanks to the Ash Storm, they only manage to produce 6 results.

A well-aimed Lightning Strike takes out the Sharpshooter, reducing considerably their Defensive Volley ability.

Areosa 2nd March

As there is no realistic chance of the being able to outmanoeuvre the enormous Blue army, the Areosa must try their luck by introducing a knoll, with a 37.5% chance of getting the missile action that they need.

The ID is rolled and missile is chosen. The Areosa might be able to go to the party after all.

They fire their missiles.

This time they are not as lucky. They produce 18 missile results, but no Bullseyes.

Including the 2 saves from the Watery Double, the Blues generate 19 saves. No damage is taken.

The Coral Elf section of the Blues army, however, have the ability to return missile fire, thanks to their Defensive Volley racial ability.

The Areosa must now defend against 6 retaliatory missile hits.

They produce 8 saves and therefore take no damage.

The Areosa, not wanting to be sitting ducks for a potential missile barrage from the Blues, all retire to reserves to hatch out Plan B. Plan A having already removed a particularly despised unit, the Sharpshooter.

More to follow soon.