Round 5

The Blues are all dressed up with nowhere to go at the moment. They are going to take the first of the three terrains, but the others are occupied by the Areosa. The fragile Firewalkers now have to try to capture another terrain assisted only by the Eldarim. The lack of their Sharpshooter is about to become a problem that needs to be addressed. Given their magic capability, this needs to be the first thing to address.


There are no spells to expire, nor any Racial effects to enforce, as the Eldarim are all in reserves.

Blues 1st March

The reserves attempt to generate enough magic to bring back the sharpshooter.

A fail on all fronts. The only spell that has any meaning from the 6 generated is a Watery Double. The Wind Walk, for what it is worth, also goes to the Horde army.

Blues 2nd March

The Blues capture the Tower and can now fire their missiles at all terrains and even the reserves.

In this instance, they will try to soften up the Areosa horde army before they face the Dragon.

The 14 missile hits generated should do a lot of damage against an army only expecting 7 saves.

If ever there were a time to over-perform, this would be the time to do it. They somehow manage to save with 12 results, taking a mere 2 damage!

With only 3 health of units for both armies in the DUA, this has hardly been a bloodbath of a battle so far.

The reserve army now move in to try to win the battle at the frontier.

More to follow.