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The line up.

Roll for initiative. Dwarves win the roll.

Tangerines your choice.

Tangerines : I will go first.

Frantics choose frontier please.

Felines: Grove please

Terrain roll.

Round 1

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: First march at my home, no manoeuvres cast magic.

11 Magic

Tangerines: Red drake and two ash storm to the frontier.

2 Ash Storms and Red Drake.

Tangerines: Second march at feral home, attempt manoeuvres.

Felines, do you oppose manoeuvre at your home?

Felines: Yes, I oppose.

22-13 to the tangerines.

Tangerines, down to 3 missile or up to 5 melee?

Tangerines: Up to 5 and attack melee.

10 melee
3 saves, leaving 7 damage to be taken.
7 health from these.

Felines: Ouch. 7 points of birds and counterattack.

7 points of birds.

Now for the stampede.

12 melee.
6 saves, leaving 6 damage.
6 health please tangerines.

Tangerines: 1 mammoth, 1 sergeant, 1 footman. Retreat from the frontier. 4 double attacks is ow. End turn.

Felines: Counting my manoeuvres as melee is awesome 🙂

Tangerines: At least I avoided the rend fest!

Correct Tangerines?

Tangerines: Looks right. Let’s see what that dragon can do against those mages.

Frantic Felines

Dragon attack.

Tangerines: Feralization first though, right?

No. After dragon attack.

Felines: After. Most racials now are just before first March.

Tangerines: Ahhh.

Nothing much to see here.

Tangerines: Better than I was expecting you to roll though!

3 IDs, 4 melee, 2 saves. Minus 2 from Ash Storms.

I assume that the ash storm comes off the melee?

Tangerines: Nah, he lives dangerously and takes it from the saves lol.

That might be his plan B. One weasel to DUA Felines? Then Feralization….

This is the bit that I don’t understand. Does each Feral army feralize in turn, or are they all done simultaneously? Multiple exchanges with the DUA happen all at once. Identify any units that need to be exchanged, then choose which units in the DUA they will be exchanged with before performing the exchange. Got it. All simultaneously I believe?

Felines: In turn. And yes, ash storm from saves, take 1 casualty.

I think that you mean from melee?

Felines: Yes.


Felines: Feralization. Common magic to frontier. Common to uncommon Archer at horde. Uncommon to rare Archer at home.

After Feralization.

Felines: First March, turn frontier up to 3 magic and roll for magic.

A bad roll for magic! Only 4 this time.

Minus 2 for palsy. 2 magic results.

Felines: oof, I thought you ferals called yourself a magic army!

I must admit that I was surprised with that roll.

Felines: Hailstorm the Dwarf reserve 1 common unit army.

The guard is caught off-guard. Sorry, wrong race.

The footman is caught off-footman ( or something)!

Felines: He fell on his axe!

Tangerines: Footman couldn’t find his footing in the storm.

Felines: Second march, I’ll manoeuvre attempt at my home.

Tangerines: I will oppose the manoeuvre.

7-14 thanks to Mountain Mastery of the Vagha.

Terrain remains on 5 melee.

Felines: Attack!

Ok. Rend away!

5 melee (no stampede, as it is not a counter).

Felines: Boo, Feral are failing! That manoeuvre roll was so much better! :stuck_out_tongue:

2 saves, leaving 3 damage
3 health from these please.

Tangerines: A pony and a lizard and a counterattack please.

No chance of social distancing in this DUA!
8 melee.
2 saves. 6 damage
6 health from these.

Felines: Bummer. Vulture and Wolf die. Can I get a full board, including DUAs, before choosing Reserves?

Felines: We will do a full retreat from all terrains. We will be licking our wounds.


Felines: This decision was not made lightly. Yes, full retreat. It is clear that our Dwarven brothers do not respect Social Distancing measure put into place.

But 2m to them is less than our 2m due to their short arms.