Following on from our last ‘Live’ battle, Nathan and I thought that we should try again with a more advanced set up. This is Part 1 of our match that we played using two boards, thousands of miles apart, and a couple of phones using Messenger.

Throughout this article, I have colour coded the conversation, as before:-




After the usual greetings etc. the battle set up began:-

I have my Treefolk ready.

Behold my probably awful but amazing fun force!

I will set your guys up in here now. Packing away Frostwings at present. Ok, how do we do this?

Let’s roll horde, then just do what we did last time, except I can upload my rolls. Sound good?

I need to find out your terrains first.

I brought Coastland Standing Stones and Swampland Temple frontier.

Is that looking right?


Ok. Horde roll?

8 here

11 here I think.


Yep, teleport is 4. Treefolk will go first then.

Swampland Temple frontier

Frontier is 1.


Something like this?

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