Round 5


Firewalkers 1st March

OK, your home down to 1 and roll for magic.

Number 58

My luck just expired too.

Number 59

Only the 5

Number 60

Only just! 3 of them saved!

Good move though

This time there is blue at that terrain.

Number 61

Hope that you put the kettle on. You have visitors.

Number 62

Firewalker mobility, woo!

My favourite thing about Firewalkers.

Can I see the whole board?


Number 63

Coral Elves

Coral Elves 1st March

Okay. Magic roll at Frontier.

Number 64
Number 65

Okay, Lightning Strike your Sentinel, then Wind Walk on my Horde.

I honestly rolled this!!!

Number 66

Coral Elves 2nd March

Not unexpected. Okay, manoeuvre attempt at your home.

Hang on!!

Number 67

Wind Walk now functional.

Number 68

Should have meleed…

I assume that you are going for the 8th face?

Oh! I mis-read the dice! Yeah, up to 8

Number 69

Okay, let’s do it! Melee attack at your home. Got about a coin flip chance to Smite.


Number 70


Number 71


Number 72
Number 73

And these two!

Are you going to put them back in reserves? :->

You get to counterattack.


If you want

No. I’ll stay as they stand.

Ok. End turn.