Round 2


Firewalkers 1st March

The Firewalkers turn down to face 1 and go for magic.

Number 24
Number 25

Firewalkers 2nd March

Number 26
Number 28

Coral Elves

Enter the Dragon!

Well, roll the dragon, let’s see what happens.

Number 29

That figures!

Come on rare dudes!

Number 30


Number 31

No damage to your guys.

Coral Elves 1st March

First march, roll for magic in reserves.

Number 32
Number 33

That is 13!

Ok, 1 Wind Walk on frontier army, then 4 Watery Doubles also on Frontier army.

Number 34
Number 35

Well, I knew you couldn’t stop me with a Wind Walk up.

Coral Elves 2nd March

Second march manoeuvre down to 1 Reinforce reserves to frontier.

Number 36

All present and correct.