Round 3


Firewalkers 1st March

FirewalkersReserves try magic.

Number 37

8 magic.

Firewalkers are so ridiculously good at magic.

2 Fiery Weapons (after much deliberation)

Number 38

Bring it!

Number 39

Be patient!!! 🙂

Firewalkers 2nd March

Number 40

Always said that this was a stupid game!!!!

I still get to roll for saves, maybe I’ll get Cantrips 😀


Number 41

Ah well

About time I got a break

Number 42

For the record – 6 saves

Number 43

All back to reserves.

Interesting, wasn’t expecting that

Coral Elves

Spells expire

Coral Elves 1st March

First march, roll for magic at frontier

Number 44
Number 45
Number 46

8 results…Lightning Strike one of your Ashbringers, then Watery Double on Frontier army.

Number 47



Number 48

Coral Elves 2nd March

Second March, your home to 6. End turn.

Number 49