Round 9

A useful 4 magic generated by the reserve army comes to assist.

A Wind Walk on the home army will help a lot.

Even though the minor terrain gives no help this time.

The Wind Walk might be the decider or the battle, as the 11-11 draw goes in favour of the Coral elves.

The elves take control of the tower, which is not a good omen for the firewalkers.

The elves take aim at the campaign army of magicians.

They manage to generate on 4 missile results, reduced to 3 by the Ash Storm.

The Cantrip adds a Flashfire to the other army.

Which will be useful to help remove the elves from the tower.

The re-roll from the Flashfire gives another Cantrip, which is used for the same purpose.

Meanwhile 3 Sunbursts are sent packing once again.

All non-magic units in reserves are send to help defend the tower.

The Firewalkers close in again at the frontier, generating 6 magic results as they go.

They show their intentions by sending some Dancing Lights to distract the Coral elves in the tower.

With no hope of outmanoeuvring them, they attack.

The Flame from the Gorgon kills and buries an elven Archer. This leaves an unlucky 15 melee results for the elves to defend.

The elves make 10 save results, as neither Rend nor Wind Walk generated manoeuvres count here.

The DUA starts to get a bit busier, as 5 single heath units are removed.

Hampered by the lights dancing around them, the elves’ counter attack is not very effective, generating only 5 melee hits.

The Firewalkers have more than enough skill to avoid injury as they produce 15 saves.

After a good day of causing chaos, the firewalkers retire for the day, remembering that Safety in numbers is a useful thing to have against a bunch of elf archers in a nearby tower.

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