Round 11

As the Wind Walks disperse, the Coral Elf army realise the enormity of the task ahead of them, having little magic and not as much missile muscle as they would like.

The choice is between using their 8th face ability to missile attack the magic units from the tower, or to use magic again, but this time to bring back troops.

Option number 1 it is. They manage 5 missile results against the mages.

A Cantrip from the Ashbringer casts a very helpful Flashfire spell which, although is too late to be used here, will be useful if the elves’ campaign army try to attack.

The other units generate exactly 5 saves and are therefore unharmed.

The elves record another ‘missile failure’ ….

… and withdraw, hoping to help out at home if it is not too late.

The Flashfire spell expires to early to help the firewalker mages.

They still manage to make a total of 7.

They summon a blue and green Drake as opposed to a wyrm. The reason is that they are aware that a treasure from a dragon would be useful to their opponents.

The campaign army march forward and the terrain goes to its 6th face, a melee distance.

All except the heavy infantry are redeployed to help at home.