Round 13

The Blue and Greens, having worked hard all battle to take control of a coastland tower from which they are able to fire missiles to anywhere on the battlefield, and now having resurrected their best bowmen they decide to conjure up some magic.

The Gryphon ferries an eagle knight and a bowman to the frontier.

With the 14 magic results that they generate…..

…. they cast 3 Wind Walks and a Watery Double, known in Esfah as “a belt and braces attack”.

The 4 Rends and the ID, along with 12 manoeuvres from the spells give a total of 17 results. The 6 results generated by the firewalkers are nothing compared to this and the elves march forward at the frontier.

They take control of the grove and, as they now control 2 terrains, are declared winners of the battle.


I would like to reiterate that these battles are recorded ‘as they happen’ and are not specially modified to make them more interesting.

I feel the need to say this, because I was genuinely surprised at the outcome of this 3 day long marathon, as I was sure that the Firewalkers would, quite literally, walk it as they were so much in charge of the battlefield.

I believe that this is possibly the best that I have propduced so far in that there are so many teaching points here that will assist new players.

It only leaves me to ask you to comment with anything good or bad that you feel that I need to change to make these post more useful and enjoyable.