This is Part 4 of an Advanced Level Dragon Dice battle. It is recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing.


The Transmute Rock to Mud and the Wall of Thorns spells expire.

Treefolk 1st March

The campaign army try to cast magic.

The Magic Drain reduces the 7 results down to 5.

An accelerated growth spell on the DUA .

A watery double on the campaign army.

Treefolk 2nd March

The home army take control of the 8th face unopposed.

They also attempt magic production.

They generate 6 results which can be used for air (blue) magic, in addition to their own spells.

They target a Devastator with a Lightning Strike.

The Frostwings incur a very highly prized casualty.

The Treefolk withdraw to reserves from both armies.

Leaving a single 2-health unit at both terrains.