Round 1

The goblins see that the lava elf home terrain is on face 5, and that it is a tower. Once the elves take possession of this, they can spray their bullets anywhere.

First task is to get the terrain down a face, where the infantry are at missile distance.

Not needing to manoeuvre closer to the frontier, the goblin campaign army look for cover in the form of a wood on a patch of Deadland.

They get the result that they required from here, as any ID rolls for saves now count double.

They take aim with slings at the elven infantry in an attempt to make it easier for the horde army to withdraw and move the terrain die.

The deadeye lives up to his reputation and produces a bullseye.

The lava elves have their first casualties of battle.

The second shot, however, is not as successful as the first.

Only 2 results to defend for the elves.

But they fail. Not even their Volcanic Adaptation skill comes to the rescue this time.

This has been an expensive first round for the lava elves. Things are not looking to improve for them any time soon.

The goblins manoeuvre successfully and, as there is little elven resistance, they can move closer to the tower.

The feyland tower goes to its 6th face and the goblins are in the mood to hack and slay.

Not wanting to be outdone by the star performance of a Deadeye, the Leopard rider produces a trick of his own with a Rend.

But once again, the second attempt is a disappointment, not adding to the total of 4 melee results.

Despite producing 2 saves, thanks to the lava elf ability of Volcanic Adaptation, the Warlock does not manage to generate the saves to keep him in the battle.

The Lava Elf home army is no more!!

The entire goblin army moves back to the reserves ready to be deployed at their most effective posts. The Deadland wood also disappears from the battle.

The lava elf horde discovers a wood of its own on a patch of highland in the swamp. The fire element in the land will give them Volcanic Adaptation, where their manoeuvres count as saves.

Their attempt at producing a bit of magic is successful, and 3 magic results are generated.

Enough to return the Bladesman to the army.

A patch of Deadland with a small knoll is introduced into the tactics of the lava elf missile army.