Round 2

There are no reserve spells that will help here, the goblin army can only redeploy.

The Goblins redeploy to their home terrain.

The rest go to the deserted feyland.

Both The Deadland and the vortex terrain show that the lava elf hot shots are within missile range of both home terrains. They target the goblins at their home base.

Only 2 missile results are generated this time.

The deadeye claims his stake again for ‘Goblin of the Match’ with a useful 3 save results.

The horde army try to manoeuvre.

Due to the Swamp Mastery ability of the Goblins, the attempt fails by 7 results to the goblins’ 8.

To try magic is their only option.

That was also a waste of time, as only 1 result is generated.

The horde army, with the exception of a Spider Rider, retreat to reserves on their way to the frontier.