Round 7

The dragon catches the goblins with a claw, doing 6 damage.

The 5 saves mean that only 1 damage is taken by the army. Unfortunately, they do no damage against the dragon.

The Wardog Rider is off again!

The goblin horde capture the tower and do a bit of magic – 8 points.

The dragon is sent away to pastures anew.

The Goblins stand on the turret, watching the action.

Although they have Volcanic Adaptation to use manoeuvres as saves, the lava elves still take 4 hits from the drake’s strike with its claw. They also fail to produce enough melee or missile results to get rid of the dragon.

This is looking like the end of the game for the lava elves.

The horde are now in a race to get home before the dragon kills the others, or a new plan is hatched.

Four magic results might help.

A scout is back to do a good deed.

They retreat to reserves and the terrain goes back to its 7th face.