Round 1

The Frostwing army are under orders to stamp out magic. This means they need to use a bit of magic to help them.

The achieve an admirable 8 results.

They cast a Soiled Ground spell on the terrain and a Palsy on the opposing army.

The home army pick up their arms and take aim at the firewalker campaign army.

The unspectacular result of 3 missile results balances the previous successful magic result. The firewalkers have had a let off!

The celebration is short lived as only a single save is achieved, and even that is negated by the Palsy spell. Firewalkers take 3 damage and on Soiled Ground!

All 3 units fail to save and are buried without ceremony.

All factions of the Frostwing army now have to decide whether to stay or stand back.

They decide to stand their ground.

Having been let off lightly by the first flurry from the Frostwing home terrain, the pressing problem for the firewalkers is to move the terrain to melee distance.

They manoeuvre.

The 9-9 tie goes the way of the antagonist.

Melee is now in range at two out of three terrains.

With no fire element assistance as this terrain, Flaming Shields will not assist in a melee, so the firewalkers simply hold their ground.

At home, however, it is time to move.

A failure to manoeuvre means that they need to prune the opposition.

A Smite from the Sentinel is well timed, and 4 damage is done to the Frostwing horde.

This means that there are now 3 units in the Frostwing DUA and they can negate up to 3 points of magic with their Magic Negation ability.

In addition to the Smite, the firewalkers have generated 6 melee results and 2 Flaming Shields, hitting the remaining Frostwings, a pair of Cryohydras, with 8 damage.

They manage 4 saves, and one of the two double-headed ice monsters joins the others in the DUA.

Using their Air Flight ability, the remaining firewalker mages head for home.

At the same time as the cavalry arrive to take their place.

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