Undead – Round 9

The Palsy Expires.

Undead 1st March

Undead 1st March – The reserve army produce a small amount of magic.
Just enough to cast a Palsy on the Firewalker horde.

Undead 2nd March

Undead 2nd March – The Campaign army tries to manoeuvre and wins 5-0
An Evil Eye adds to the Horde’s problems.
The Reserves go in for possibly the final stand off.

Firewalkers – Round 9

Firewalkers 2nd March

At the start of the turn, the Flashfire expires and the Firewalkers force the Apparition to be buried.

Firewalkers 1st March – The home army attempt to generate magic. They get a Firewalking SAI and 7 magic results.
The Genie and the Daybringer move to the main battleground.
The magic is enough for a Wind Walk and a Flashfire

Firewalkers 2nd March

Firewalkers 2nd March – They try to manoeuvre and the undead generate 5 results. The 4 Wind Walk plus the 2 from the Daybringer means that the Firewalkers capture the standing stones on the swampland.
The Daybringer wins the battle as the sun begins to appear over the horizon and the long night ends.