Undead – Round 6

Undead 1st March

Undead 1st March – Manoeuvre to face 2
Magic roll produces 5 results plus 2 more from Bone Magic, making 7 total.
Resurrection of Heucuva (again).

Undead 2nd March

Undead 2nd March – Manoeuvre to face 7.
Campaign army withdraws.

Firewalkers – Round 6

The Galeforce expires and having control of the temple means that the Firewalkers force the undead to bury the Spectre. (They want to stop the Skeletal Steed from being buried, hence their withdrawal from the frontier).

Firewalkers 1st March

Firewalkers 1st March – Although there is not much to be achieved, the reserves tray, and fail, to generate magic.

Firewalkers 2nd March

Firewalkers 2nd March – Magic 2 results.
Cast Ash Storm on Undead home army.
The reserves redeploy to the frontier.