Undead – Round 8

The Open Grave expires.

Undead 1st March

Undead 1st March – They attempt magic and produce a staggering 16 results plus 1 Bone Magic for a total of 17.
At last they are able to bring back their Skeletal Steed.
A Restless Dead on the campaign army and a Palsy on the Firewalkers campaign army uses the remaining 5 points.

Undead 2nd March

Undead 2nd March – A manoeuvre struggle is won by the Ghost, thanks to the extra 3 from the Restless Dead spell. The result is 6-6, but goes to the marching army.
The terrain moves to face 4 and into melee action. The Ghost waits for reinforcements to arrive.
The Heucuva is back again.
The heavyweights are on the way from the home terrain to the frontier.

Firewalkers – Round 8

Flashfire expires.

Firewalkers 1st March

Firewalkers 1st March – They generate 8 magic, thanks to a helpful Genie taking over the mantel of Ashbringer.
A Flashfire on the campaign army.
A Mirage on the Undead home to try to stop another 17 points of magic in the next turn.
The Mirage is 80% successful this time.
Leaving a Carrion Crawler and an Apparition to hold the fort.
And a very big reserve army with a lot of deployment options.

Firewalkers 2nd March

Firewalkers 2nd March – Manoeuvre wins by 4-2
10 missile hits and still a Flashfire to come.
A second attempt with the Flashfire assistance does not improve the attack, which remains at 10 hits.
The Undead home army fumble and produce only 2 saves leaving them to take 8 hits.
This wipes out the army and the terrain goes to its 7th face. The race is on.
The Reserves are ready to win the battle.
The Campaign Army use Air Flight to rush back home, leaving the Guardian as a guardian.