Undead – Round 7

Undead 1st March

Undead 1st March – Magic from reserves gives 5 results plus only 1 for Bone Magic, as only the Steed is in the DUA.
Open Grave cast on home army.
Undead 2nd March – Manoeuvre to take the Standing Stones in the swamp. From here they can cast both green and yellow elemental magic. They roll 5IDs, giving 5 minus 1 from the Ashstorm = 4 IDs, doubled because of the 8th face = 8 magic results.
Not wanting to see the Skeletal Steed buried, they attempt to force the Firewalkers home army back.
They succeed easily, as the Firewalkers only manage 1 manoeuvre. The terrain moves to face 7 and the Firewalkers will no longer be able to force burial at the start of their turn.
The reserves reinforce the home army. They have one attempt more to resurrect the Steed which, they hope, will speed them to victory.

Firewalkers – Round 7

The Ash Storm expires.

Firewalkers 1st March

Firewalkers recapture the temple and cast magic. 8 results.
3 points are used to cast a Flashfire on the campaign army, about to move into missile range.
The remaining 4 points generate a Mirage, to try to force the Undead mages into reserves.
They are only 40% successful as 3 health generate saves.
Once again, the hapless Heucuva is forced out of action. This time to the reserves.

Firewalkers 2nd March

Firewalkers 2nd March – The campaign army manoeuvre to face 3 and missile attack, generating a single hit.
The Flashfire spell comes in useful giving the Daybringer a second shot. He makes the most of the opportunity and adds 4 more missile hits, totalling 5 now.
The Ghost saves and then vanishes.
He reappears at the frontier to threaten the Firewalker campaign army. The 15 points of saves ensure that the Undead take no damage.
The Firemaster and Firestarter are dispatched off to the reserves to assist at the frontier next time.