Undead – Round 1

Undead 1st March

Undead 1st March – Manoeuvre.
Undead win 5-4. Terrain goes down to face 2.
They try for magic. 8 results.
8 Magic to cast Open Grave and Palsy.

Undead 2nd March

Undead 2nd March – Manoeuvre.
Melee roll for 7 damage.
Save roll – 8 saves and 4 melee results only savable by magic, but there is a Palsy in force. This means 7 saves and 4 immediate hits.
The Skeletal Steed is not helped by the Open Grave.
The Firewalkers counter. The Palsy takes the 3 melee results down to 2, but does not affect the Galeforce SAI.
3 saves minus 4 from the Galeforce leaves no saves, so 2 damage taken. The Spectre is saved by the Open Grave spell and goes to the reserves.
The Ghost and all the Undead home army also withdraw.

Firewalkers – Round 1

Firewalkers 1st March

Firewalkers 1st march – no manoeuvre, attempt magic. 7 results.
Summon dragon to frontier

Firewalkers 2nd March

Firewalkers 2nd March – Manoeuvre to 7th face.
The Firewalker mages use their Air Flight to reinforce the home army.