Round 5


The Blues magic has been weakened and, with the Magic Drain and the Palsy in place, the resurrection of the Ashbringer is looking unlikely for now. Their poor missile capability also gives the impression that they are in very much the wrong place at present to do much more than sit it out until spells expire or, better still, rethink tactics.

The Wind Walk and the Watery Double spells expire and the Eldarim recruit a Fire Dragonfoal.

Blues 1st March

The tarrain is moved back to its 2nd face and the Blues campaign army attempt to generate magic.

The Magic Drain cancels out the two Eldarim generated results, and the Palsy decrements the 7 Firewalker-generated results, leaving 6.

The Lightning Strike attempt on the Devastator does nothing, as it is saved by the Frostwing.

Blues 2nd March

The Blues horde have a choice between firing at the reserve army, where the ID results do not count, or at the Areosa home army, where they do count and they have a Dragon ready to finish of the battle for them.

They missile fire at the Areosa Horde.

Only 8 results are generated, as the dragonkin are unable to help out for both magic and missile.

The Areosa perform well and easily defend with 10 save results. Again, no damage is taken. A good round for the Areosa so far.

After such an ineffective round, the Blues rethink their strategy. The Coral Elf missile army is not strong enough to win the battle without the Sharpshooter and the magic generated by the remaining Firewalker mages is not enough without 8th face assistance. They have to relocate to more appropriate posts.

More to follow.