Round 7


The Blues have a major problem at their home terrain in that, if they try to capture by moving to the 7th face, there is every possibility that the Areosa will steal it from them. If they turn it down to the 5th face, the huge missile force of the Areosa will be able to take out most of their army.

The Fiery Weapon and Watery Double spells expire.

The Eldarim at the Home terrain recruit an Air Dragonscout.

Blues 1st March

Trying to attack the Areosa reserves with so few missile units would possibly be a waste of a turn. The only option available to the Horde army is to see what magic they can produce.

A disaster. 3 air or 2 water magic.

A fairly useless Watery Double is cast on the Home army.

Blues 2nd March

The Home army force the Areosa out of the reserves by taking a bold decision.

They close in on the Tower as the terrain moves to face 7.

The Knight is brought out of reserves to give mobility.

A Sunburst replaces him in reserves.


Areosa 1st March

Having only a single army, and that being in reserve, means that only one option is available to the Areosa – try magic.

They generate a totally unexpected 12 results.

A racial weakness of the Frostwings is that they only have 2 spells that they can cast from reserves. One is Wind Walk, which they can’t use as they have no army at a terrain, and the other is resurrection. A Devastator and a Destroyer spring back to life.

The entire force are deployed at the Blues home to try to save the battle. It only needs a few Wind Walks and all will be lost.