Round 8


The Watery Double expires and, to add to their woes, the Eldarim are unable to recruit or promote a dragonkin unit this time.

Blues 1st March

The Firewalkers must produce the magical goods, or the battle will soon be over for the Blues. They attempt to generate magic.

7 will probably not be enough.

A single Wind Walk and a Flashfire is all that their armoury permits.

Blues 2nd March

They try to manoeuvre to win the battle.

This turns out to be a nail biter. The Areosa make 12 results. The Blues generate 5 plus the 4 from the Wind Walk. This gives 9 so far but, thanks to the Flashfire, the blues have a re-roll of one unit. This means that the Knight can roll again to get 3 manoeuvres – 1 in 6 chance to win the whole battle.

No, I do not fix the results of the advanced battles. This is exactly what happened!

Against all the odds and expectations, the Knight wins the day!!! (Sorry for the pun, that was not intended).

I hope that you have enjoyed this demonstration battle as much as I have. The Frostwings, once again, appeared to fight well and still lose out to Lady Luck.