Round 6


The Blues are in trouble, as they have shown that they are capable of capturing and holding one terrain, but do not have combat forces capable of capturing a second terrain to win the battle. The plan is to release combat units to try to capture their home terrain (as they do not have many saves at the highland frontier) and use the magic units and dragonkin to hold on to the terrain that they have already captured.

Blues 1st March

The reserve army try to generate magic.

They under perform again, getting a very weak mixture of magic points.

They use them to cast a Fiery Weapon and a Watery Double on the horde army.

Blues 2nd March

The Blue horde try to weaken the Areosa horde, once again.

An average 10 missile results from the roll plus the Fiery Weapon augmentation gives the Areosa a target of 12 to save against.

A poor roll of only 5 saves mean that they take 7 damage and a Devastator has to go. That was a good result for the Blues. Perhaps their luck is changing?

They now have 4 units in the DUA, meaning that they can negate up to 4 magic results from the tower.

The Blues reserves redeploy to their home terrain…..

….with the Firewalkers taking over sentry duty.

The knight sets off to help capture the second tower.


Areosa 1st March

The home army makes use of a knoll minor terrain.

It is not a good result. They get double ID results on a Manoeuvre battle that can never happen.

As initiating a melee would possibly result in most of the army being wiped out, they take no further action.

Areosa 2nd March

The horde attempt to manoeuvre.

They fail by 1 result to 3. Melee engagement, once again, would be counter-productive, so no further action is taken.

The home army fall back to reserves, along with the horde army.