Round 5


The only hope that the Frostwings have now is to try to capture their home terrain using help from the campaign army.

Frostwings 1st March

They try to manoeuvre again.

The Rapid Growth re-roll does not add any more manoeuvre results to the Treefolk roll.

Frostwings 9 to 19 from the Treefolk. The terrain stays at face 4.

In desperation, the Frostwings roll for magic.

They manage just 3 results. Enough to cast a magic drain.

Possibly too little too late.

Frostwings 2nd March

The home army try to manoeuvre.

If they fail, that will be useful!

They manage 0 results against the Treefolk’s 0 results.

They take control of their home terrain and the deadland is buried.

They now have to tackle a wall of thorns.

They produce 7 melee results and come away unscathed.

They fire missile at the horde army.

They produce 16 results!

The Treefolk only manage 5 saves and take 11 damage, wiping out the horde in its entirety.

The try to replant.

All fail. The battle has taken a big change in direction.

The campaign army withdraw to the reserves the dragonkin goes back to be summoned again.

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