Round 5


Now is the time for the Frostwing army to take a serious action at stopping the Treefolk missile army from taking control of their home terrain.

Frostwings 1st March

The home army manoeuvre.

The knoll this time gives double manoeuvres for ID rolls.

Frostwing 2nd March

The campaign army attempt to manoeuvre again.

It is not looking very good for the Treefolk, but they get to use a Rapid Growth re-roll.

The persistence of the Frostwings pays off. They win by 16 results to a minor terrain assisted 14 from the Treefolk. The terrain moves to face 5 – missile action.

The Frostwings take aim at the Treefolk home army with their missiles.

The 2 howls from the Wolf Packs mean -8 from the Treefolk save roll. They have to defend against a further 2 hits.

Only 4 saves are generated, meaning two damage to the home army. They do, however, get a chance of being replanted.

With an incredible stroke of luck, they both survive and get put into the reserves.

That makes up for the poor counter manoeuvre performance of the campaign army I suppose.

The problem for the Frostwings now is that they need to stop the Treefolk campaign army from using magic, which means that they are unable to drop back to reserves.

Both armies remain at their stations.