At the turn start, the Transmute Rock to Mud and Stone Skin spells expire.

Trogs 1st March

The only real hope of winning this battle that the Trogs have is to get into melee combat with the Blues.

The reserve army take a try at producing a touch of magic.

The Troll gets to Regenerate 4 health of units.

As they need to reinforce the cavalry, the Leopard Rider and a Wardog Rider are chosen.

The Shambler generates 4 magic results.

That brings the cavalry back to being complete.

Trogs 2nd March

The Death Mage at the frontier practices magic production.

He now has a bit of magical assistance in the form of a Trickster.

This means that, despite losing a lot of units, at the end of the 2nd round of battle, they are only 1 man down.

The Hedge Wizard awaits his turn.

The reserve army split up and redeploy. The cavalry to the right and the monsters to the left.

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