In order to win this battle, the Trogs must make certain that the Blues do not capture their home terrain, as this means that there are 2 things to fear from the tower on the 8th Face.

  • All units count IDs as double.
  • All terrains, including reserves, are accessible for missile fire. This means that there is nowhere for them to hide and resurrect units.

The main weapon in their armory to stop this happening is their Earth Magic, which can be used to cast Transmute Rock to Mud. This will mean that, not only will the enemy manoeuvres be limited, but also the Coastal Dodge of the Coral Elves will also be depleted in power.

Trogs 1st March

The Trog Campaign Army first introduce a Deadland wood where they might be able to hide.

The ID roll means that they select melee. However, they try to produce some magic first.

6 magic results are produced. They cast Transmute Rock to Mud on the Blues Home Army.

This means that they can now attempt to manoeuvre the terrain away from a missile action face, and simultaneously it reduces the Coastal Dodge ability of the Coral Elves.

Trogs 2nd March

The Trog horde attempt the manoeuvre.

The Trogs achieve 7 results against the Blues’ 7 reduced by 6 down to 1 by the Transmute Rock to Mud. The terrain moves up to face 6, showing melee action.

They wait for reinforcements before going to attack.

The reserve army is ready to go.

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