Round 1


Blues 1st March

The Swampland Terrain is not as helpful to the Firewalker units as the Wasteland at the terrain, so it would be best for this army to move out as soon as possible. While at the terrain, which is currently showing Magic Action, it would make sense to use it to cast as much protective magic as possible.

Thanks to the appearance of the Fireminions, a total of 11 magic results are produced.

A Mirage and two Flashfires are therefore cast.

The Cavalry units need to be removed from the Horde if the terrain is going to remain as a place from which they can fire missiles.

All 3 targeted units somehow produce saves. The Blues are not off to a good start.

Blues 2nd March

As the terrain is already showing a missile action, the Coral Elves do not have an immediate need to make a move. It would be useful, however, if they could make the terrain more welcoming for their allies by adding the fire element.

It looks like the Blues are having a bad day. A Dust Storm at their home terrain means that all their missile results are halved until their next march at this terrain.

With no fear of recrimination, they still try our their diminished fire power on the Trog horde.

The two Flashfires mean that two units get to have a second attempt.

Since writing this report, I have been advised by SFR that the following is actually an illegal move, as all artifacts are considered ‘Items’ and not ‘Units’ and, as such, do not get the benefit of a re-roll in this instance as the spell only affects the latter i.e. ‘Units’.

This time the Trebuchet hits its target.

We have three SAIs to resolve. First the Crush.

The Coral Elves target 4 health of units in the Trog horde, preferably units which have a lot of saves and not much manoeuvre.

They target 3 units.

Here endeth the ‘illegal move’ part. The rest of this report is correct according to the V4 rules.

As the entire Trog horde army is made up of cavalry units, there is little choice but to target these. The result being that the boulder attack is avoided by the entire army.

When the chocolates don’t work, try flowers! The Bullseye is more successful on the cavalry, and a Leopard Rider bites the dust.

The Sharpshooter produces another 3 melee hits on the rebound. This is halved by the ongoing dust storm which means that the Trogs have to save against a total of 1 missile damage.

The response is 2 saves with no ID results. This means that the Impale also does no damage.

The Firewalkers and Eldarim making up the horde army retire to the reserves.

Considering the amount of fire power that the Selumari have displayed, the Trog army are very much aware of how lucky they have been only to lose a single unit at this stage.

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