Round 2

At the start of the round the battlefield looks a little bit like the poop deck of the Marie Celeste.

Following instructions this time, the Coral mages cast magic in reserves.

Bringing back to life one of the Couriers killed by the Cryohydra.

As if as being in response to the hiding tactics of their opponents, the Horde army find a suitable knoll on a patch of Swampland, from where they are more shielded.

The Archers return home…..

….leaving the magicians in the reserves.

The Frostwing Campaign army move forward and the terrain die advances to its 5th face. The knoll gives additional melee assistance, but is not yet required.

While in transit, the reservists try out a bit of magic of their own.

They successfully resurrect an attacker unit.

The cavalry are sent to help out on the home front, while the archers shoot towards the Frontier to cause trouble for the Elves returning home.

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