Round 1

Realizing the sheer strength of the missile army at the Frostwings’ Home terrain, the elven horde try to manoeuvre their troops away from missile distance.

The resulting 5 manoeuvre results for each side means that, as the attacker has the advantage, the elves can advance.

The terrain die moves up to its 6th face, away from missile range and into melee range.

The Elves loose their discipline and, despite orders to the contrary from their commander, they decide to attack, producing 8 melee results. The Frostwings, thanks to their Fly ability, generate 6 save results and therefore only take 2 damage.

This sees off two Attackers, but puts 2 units in the Frostwing DUA, which will work in their favour for negating magic.

Suddenly, and too late, the elven see a huge two-headed creature snapping at them, one head taking out two Couriers, who both fail to save themselves.

Fortunately, the magic-rich Coral Elf army will be attempting to bring them back into the affray as soon as they are able.

The second head of the monster belches for a frosty breath which freezes the very bones of the elven army. They will take a while to recover from such intense cold and their battle prowess will be badly affected.

Rather fortunately for the Elves, thanks to their Coastal Dodge ability, for once, working at an enemy’s home terrain, their 6 saves, halved to 3 by Frost Breath, is still enough to keep them safe from the 2 melee hits generated by the Frostwing missile army.

The whole encounter illustrates to the Coral Elves that their battle plan is there for a reason, and that they should work to it.

At the Coral Elf home terrain, the elves try to manoeuvre again, winning by 7 results to 5 from the Frostwings. The terrain die moves up to its 3rd face.

They are in the process of attempting missile fire at the Frostwings at the frontier when a monstrous creature of their own decides to redress the balance.

The huge Gryphon grabs the Sharpshooter and the bowman and ferries them off to the Frostwings’ home to help keep them at bay by heavily reinforcing the Horde army.

The remaining Elf missile army produce 4 missile results, directed at the Frostwing campaign army.

Once more, the Fly ability of the Frostwings reduces the 4 damage to 1, courtesy of its 3 save results that it produces.

An Apprentice joins the two Attackers in the DUA and gives the death race a bit more power.

This time, following their Commander’s instructions, both the Campaign army and the remaining Home army units pull back into reserves.