Round 4

The Watery Double protection spell expires at the Coral elf encampment.

A useful 6 results from the medics and the elven artillery is almost back to full strength.

Two resurrections, two bowmen.

As The horde army withdraw further, both major and minor terrains are now conducive to letting the arrows fly.

They produce a total of 7 missile results targeting the firewalker magicians.

A useful Fireshadow effort protects most of the army, who get away with a single casualty.

An explorer gets a yellow card.

The entire force withdraw to reserves to get redeployed.

The Firewalker mages generate 10 magic and produce a Lightening Strike on the unprotected Sharpshooter, and a Resurrection on the remaining Sunburst.

The sharpshooter is dismissed for the second time.

The magic generation attempt from the reserves goes as well as predicted, generating zero results!

They redeploy, once again allowing them to use their Air Flight ability.

At the end of the fourth round the battlefield is the exclusive property of the firewalkers.

Part 3 can be find by following this link.

Firewalkers v Coral Elves – Part 3