Round 3

The Coral reserves at last manage to muster up a bit of magic of their own, producing 10 results. Time to bring back an old friend!

More than enough to revive the sharpshooter.

The horde army choose to pull away from the firewalkers’ home base and encounter a quiet spot where they can try a bit of apprentice conjuring.

When you need a miracle, a magical Gryphon always comes to the rescue with 8 magic results. – Please note: This is a miscount on my part. For some strange reason I doubled the result as if the terrain were on the 8th Face, which it is not, only 4 magic results should have been generated. Apologies to the poor Gorgon and to his family and friends for this error!

The Gorgon is about to get assistance drying his hair, courtesy of a Lightening Strike.The other points are used to create a Watery Double protective illusion.

Looks like he should have used a better electrician! The Gorgon is frazzled.

The elven horde becomes a whole lot bigger.

The Gryphon, now facing the entire might of the Firewalkers on his own, retired to reserves losing sight of the bridge for the last time.

A surprisingly poor amount of magic comes from the party, but it is enough to give a bit of first aid to the frazzled Gorgon.

Perhaps he should have gone with the others after all.

Unable to use their Air Flight ability, having no units at either of the other terrains, a delegation sets out for the reserves in an effort to frustrate the recovering Coral elf missile army.