Round 11

The end appears to be in sight for the Frostwings as the wyrm hits with Plague and Fire breath.

5 apprentices are fried on their feet.

Furthermore, 4 of them are also buried, courtesy of the Dragon Fire breath and their inability to make a save.

The Dragon Plague from the breath of the wyrm means that the ID roll is not counted, so the remaining 9 hits, four from a Smite and 5 regular melees, is not enough to kill the dragon on their own. The bullseye adds nothing to the attack.

Once again, the Plague means that the missile attack on the firewalkers produces only 2 results.

The save attempt from the firewalkers gives 7 results and a Cantrip. This means that they suffer no damage ….

….. and a Flashfire that expires immediately!!

It looks like it will not be needed.

The remaining Frostwings seek refuge in the reserves.

After burying another Frostwing unit (only to be resurrected again almost immediately) the firewalkers generate 13 magic results.

They move the drake from the flatland to the frontier and perform a ‘Mirage move’ on 5 of their own. All five are sent to reserves without supper.

The reserves deploy to the deserted flatland.

To be joined by the home army, except for the Ashbringers, virtue of Air Flight.