Round 10

The dragons hit the army with their claws, generating 12 damage.

The Frostwings generate 4 saves and 4 melee hits. They take 8 damage and are eliminated.

The terrain turns down to its 7th face and the dead units go to the DUA.

The Frostwing reserve use magic once again, generating 3 results.

Another Apprentice returns to life.

The frontier terrain moves to face 5 and the depleted Frostwing campaign army take aim at the firewalkers.

They generate 3 missile results.

Which are parried easily by 9 saves.

The Frostwings last stand will be at the frontier, as all the army’s remaining troops congregate for the final push.

Another 13 magic results allow the firewalkers to move the wyrm and resurrect one of the watchers.

The temptation is there to go and grab the Frostwings’ home terrain, but that is a big gamble as the magicians would be left virtually unprotected. They need to wait for the right opportunity.