Round 9

The claws of the Wyrm inflict 6 melee hits on the remainder of the Frostwing army.

The Cryohydra twins deflect the dragon attack, but fail to ward it away. They need reinforcements.

The reserve force manage to generate 3 magic results.

Another Apprentice is recruited to the fold.

A desperate horde army then fail to outmanoeuvre the firewalker home army by 2 results to 14. The magnitude of the defeat tells them that they should be somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the reserve army head for the frontier.

The horde withdraw to the reserve area.

The firewalkers generate 13 magic results this time.

This brings out another fire and death dragon and another Lightning Strike at a Cryohydra. The monster misses is chance to save.

The Frostwing home army now have 2 dragons to face.

The firewalkers, once again, stay where they are.