Round 6

The Restless Dead spell expires.

14 magic results gives the undead a rare opportunity to bring back one of their own.

With a 40% chance of producing a magic result, the Dracolich springs back to life.

The firewalker home army pull out all the stops and produce 10 magic results.

The 2 Flashfire and the Fiery Weapon spells should assist the planned missile attack on the Undead home terrain.

Thanks to the Flashfire, the Fireshadow and the Sentinel get another try at their target.

The Create Fireminions adds 4 more missile results to the score.

With the 2 extra boost from the Fiery Weapon, the total missile force numbers 14.

Although the Scare and Convert do not count, the Vanish adds 3 useful saves to the 6 normal results, making a total of 9 saves against the 14 hits. 5 damage to be taken.

The Death Knight and the Wight are next to fall. Once again, the Stepped Damage ability fails them.