Round 10

The Dragon flies off, but catches the defending army with its wing, doing 5 damage.

8 damage is neither enough to kill the Dragon nor save the remaining Undead units. Again, the Stepped Damage ability fails them and the battle swings against them.

With no army left at the frontier, the Ash Storm dissipates.

14 points of magic is generated by the Undead this time.

Their last hope is to summon two black dragons, one from the pool and the other from the frontier.

The cavalry is sent to capture the frontier.

The two drakes inflict 11 points of damage on the army, who generate 10 saves with ID results (doubled). They also generate 10 melee results killing one of the dragons, while the other, seeing to fate of his brother, flies off.

The Sentinels are both promoted for their heroics.

There is nothing magic, however, about the follow up attempt at magic generation.

Only 3 points, which is enough to bring back 1 Sunburst and no more.

Gorgon, Salamander and Adventurer are chosen to claim the elusive wasteland grove.