Round 5

Having very little other options, the Undead reserve army try their hand at some magic.

They generate 4 results which can only be used for a single Restless Dead on their Death Knight.

He tries his own magic.

And fails. Things are not looking good for the Undead.

Having very little chance of manoeuvring the frontier terrain, the reserves go to their home terrain to see if they can brush up on their magic which, thanks to the temple occupied by the firewalkers, is also restricted.

The home army on the other side of the field ready themselves to try some magic of their own.

The generate only 9 results.

The Sentinel springs back to life.

The campaign army have found their way out of the woods.

And find a strategically positioned hill.

From which they can fire missiles.

All they need is a missile army. All they generate is 2 missile results.

The undead easily parry with 7 saves generated.

All non-magicians head for the frontier and the magicians all go home using their Air Flight ability.