Round 7

At the start of this round, things are not going well for the Undead army, but they notice that the Firewalker’s home terrain has been left relatively unguarded.

The achieve enough magic to carry out their plan.

As the Summon Dragon spell is elemental, and not black, they are able to cast this at the temple terrain.

With the enormous army firing at them from the frontier, they focus their attention on taking control of the temple. First move is to the reserves.

The swampland turns down to its 7th face.

The Flashfire and Fiery Weapons expire.

The Firewalkers home army now have a guest to entertain.

The drake’s tail lashes at the mages.

It then attacks with fiery breath causing Dragon Plague. This means that their ID results will be ignored, as well as losing 5 health of units without defense.

We say ‘farewell’ to the Ashbringer and two of his Sunburst pupils.

The remaining units must defend against the 3 tail damage with no ID results to assist them.

That didn’t go too well. Another Sunburst bites the dust, leaving the Salamander to soak up the remaining 2 points of damage from the Dragon’s tail.

The firewalkers at the frontier get ready to move.

They trek along the hill which still gives a good position for missile fire.

Owing to their lack of magic units, they press forward. The terrain moves to its 6th face.

And the Salamander produces no magic this time.

The Fireshadow and the Gorgon are off to lay claim to the Swamp, recently vacated by the Undead.

And thanks to their Air Flight ability, the rest of the army, except for a solitary explorer, head home to Despatch a Dragon.