Round 8

The undead do not want to give up, despite their dire situation.

The reserve army produce 5 magic results, plus 2 for their Bone Magic ability, giving a total of 7.

The Wight is back an battle ready.

What remains of the Undead army returns home, now that it is safer to do so.

The Plague expires and the Firewalkers’ luck holds as the Drake exposes it’s belly……

…..and it feels the full force of the Flaming Shields, doing a total of 8 melee damage and seeing off the Dragon.

And for his part in the Drake’s demise, the Watcher is promoted to Ashbringer.

As a special celebration of the event, he and his pals do a bit of light conjuring. 20 points of light conjuring to be exact.

Just enough for 4 of these.

Which does very little to deplete the Undead army.

With just the Mummy and the Wight ending their stroll in the wrong place.

The Frontier goes to its 7th face and there are already signs of magic appearing.

A last push for home brings in the reserves.