Round 8


As the undead still control the temple/castle, they can bury another dead Swamp Stalker.

The price of having a socially unacceptable racial ability is obviously burial!

They only manage 4 results this time with their magic.

Expecting another Flash Flood, they cast a Restless Dead spells on the other battalion.

Undead 2nd March

They move forward unopposed, once again.


Scalders 1st March

A total of 9 magic results this time.

Just Enough for two Ash Storms and a Tidal Wave.

The Tidal Wave needs a combination roll for Saves and Manoeuvres. The 5 melee results, therefore, can be ignored. The Ash Storms subtract 2 (total) results from the roll, so this leaves 1 ID result out of 3, which can be either save or manoeuvre. The Restless Dead adds 3 manoeuvre results, so we have either a total of 4 manoeuvres, or 3 manoeuvres and 1 save.

The Undead produce 4 manoeuvres and the terrain remains at its 7th face. However, the Tidal Wave does 4 damage.

A Ghost and an Apparition are sent to the DUA, with a Wraith replacing them, thanks to the Bone Magic ability.

Scalders 2nd March

Having marched with their only army already this round, they have no 2nd march available to them.

Their only hope of stopping the Undead from winning this battle is to make a sacrifice.

All units except the magicians go to the reserves, hoping that some will survive to take the swampland before the undead capture their second terrain.

Swamp Stalkers

Having no units at any terrain, the Swamp Stalkers are unable to use their Mutate ability.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

The reserves try to cast magic.

They only have a single possibility for the 5 magic that they produce.

A Bog Runner is called back to try to stop the Undead march.

The deployment to the feyland tower is the last hope left to them.