Round 7


The drake hits the undead army with 6 damage.

They manage 3 saves and 3 melee hits on the dragon. This means that the take 3 damage.

3 health of units go to the DUA but………

…..the Bone Magic ability means that 1 health unit replaces the Spectre.

Undead 1st March

Thanks to the 8th face being declared a temple, the Deluger is forced to be buried.

The army at the frontier generate magic. 12 points of it, thanks to the 8th face doubling the IDs and Bone Magic doubling the non-ID rolls.

The dragon is summoned away to visit the Swamp Stalkers.

An exhume spell successfully buries 3 health of Swamp Stalker magic units.

They return as Undead units in the Undead army at the frontier. Karma at last!

Undead 2nd March

The other undead battalion move ever onwards.

They are only one step away from winning the battle.


The Scalder army take control of the standing stones. They can now cast earth magic spells.

They produce 11 magic results.

One Resurrection to bring back a Sparker.

A Flash Flood here.

Another Flash Flood here.

This time around, the undead produce the require 6 manoeuvres to retain ownership of the frontier.

Hope of saving the day fade as the Scalders see the undead hold on to the 7th face at their old home terrain too.

Swamp Stalkers

6 claw damage from the Drake are met with only 3 save results and 4 melee damage.

They take another 3 damage.

Now only 3 units remain.

Again, there are no Mutate opportunity for the Swamp Stalkers.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

The 4 magic results offer the very last life line.

A successful Flash Flood as the Undead only manage to produce 4 manoeuvres.

They pass the baton of responsibility back to the Scalders, as they find the relative safety of the reserves.